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Paper plastic series
Aluminum washing series
Eight side seal series
Independent zipper series
Four seal series
In the three side seal series
Bronzing series
Nozzle series
Advertising series
Roll film series


  Jiangmen Huacai Plastic Printing Co. Ltd. (formerly state-owned Jiangmen city two plastic factory) is a modern enterprise. Founded in 1983, the company has a sound management system, strong engineering technology; with modern advanced production equipment and test equipment. From Japan, South Korea has introduced eight color computer automatic tracking rotation concave printing machine, multilayer plastic film composite agent automatic production line and automatic cutting, slicing, bag production line, a total of 23, with 18000 tons of soft packing bag, color printing film annual production capacity. And the acquisition of SHIMADZU GC-17AAF advanced gas chromatography and other imported from Japan, a variety of quality inspection and testing equipment, quality assurance and production capacity to provide a strong support. Contract various (food, medicine, pesticide, chemical, electronics, machinery, hardware, household decoration, advertising, printing) film, multilayer composite film and bag business; the company fully committed to implement the ISO9002 quality system and QS18000 food safety management system and QS food and medicine registration. This marks the beginning of a new starting point for my company to synchronize with the international. Our business has entered the market in the United States, Russia, Japan and Singapore, we will be the spirit of excellence, with excellent product quality, better customer service service to win customer trust; we invite the industry friends work together to create brilliant!

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